Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're doing a traditional draft! Draft order coming soon!

Thunderstruck Draft Day 2009 is almost here (Sunday at 2pm if you haven't been paying attention). I'm going to draw the draft order in the next couple of days. I even promise to record a video and post it here so you bastards don't think I cheated (not that I need to).

We're doing a traditional draft. Fleisher is the only one with a compelling argument against doing an auction format this year (see his comment below), but the irrational feelings of the traditionalists are much stronger than the auctionalists (I can make up words if I want, I'm the Commish), so auction is out this year.

In order to compensate for the boring draft format, porn will be shared with the group, and Albertson will try to fight somebody and lose. I'll try to get a video of that.

I'm sure nobody noticed, but the division names are different. As part of the draft, I'm going to re-assign teams to divisions. The person with the first draft pick will go on Alien, the next 2 picks will be Predator, next 2 are Alien, etc., with the final pick going on Alien to balance things out. Then the season schedule will be reset. Everybody should play everybody once, and 1 person twice, if I don't suck at math.

For playoffs, I've made them 4 weeks long and everybody is in, with the top 4 teams getting a bye in round 1. Playoff seeds will go like this: Top 2 from each division go into the top 4 seeds, based on regular season record, with division record being the first tie breaker, followed by points scored, followed by a coin toss. The other 8 teams go into the other slots following the same rules.

This seems like a lot of work and rules, when I'm going to win anyway, but this way maybe you'll feel like I gave you a chance.

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